Huge CardsThis past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We went to a movie and a dinner at the same restaurant that he proposed to me at. We had a gift card that his staff gave him for Christmas so we didn’t break the budget going out. I gave him a little teddy bear with a BIG greeting card to show him how much I loved him. My online greeting system just started selling them. It reminds you of the card that you can get around Valentine’s day at any grocery store except you can pick from 100’s of designs and write anything on it from your computer.

  1. You can create a BIG card for a shower gift card. You can send the mother to be a BIG card with pictures of her when she was pregnant.
  2. You can send a BIG card for a wedding shower gift card and insert pictures of the couple growing up.
  3. You can order a Congratulations or Happy Birthday card for an coworker and have everyone sign it. Set it next to the cake with the special person comes in.
  4. You can create a retirement card for an coworker’s retirement party
  5. Send a HUGE Thank You to something that did something nice for you
  6. Create a GIANT fan sign for your son or daughter’s sports game
  7. Print the family schedule on the card
  8. Send a graduation card to a recent graduate
  9. Show your loved one how much you love them with a BIG greeting card
  10. Insert the 2011 Calendar inside the Big Card

It’s not something that you would send everyday but it’s wonderful for those special moments in life. With all the cards, like the regular greeting cards, you can send a card with a gift. (extra charge may apply)

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