1. AFTER SELLING A HOME – Next time you sell a home, take a picture of your client in front of their home. Send a card to three of their friends, saying, “Hi, my name is _______; I just sold your friends this new home!”

2. OPEN HOUSE – For your next open house, send a card with a picture of yourself in front of the client’s home on the invitation to prospects and agents. Your custom card will get noticed way more than the standard flyers most agents use.

3. INACTIVE REAL ESTATE CLIENTS – Send a thinking-of-you card to clients that you haven’t heard from in a while saying you’d like to catch up soon! That simple act can get you calls that turn into business.

4. WE’VE MOVED CARDS – After selling a home, take a picture of your client’s new home and put it on the front of a postcard.

On the other side of the postcard say, “Welcome to our new home – our new address is….” Then print your real estate company information on the bottom. Encourage your client to send the free cards to et people know their new address.