A friend asked me a great question at my home based business party this weekend. The question was “What’s the difference between going to the drugstore or wholesale stores to order Christmas Photo cards to your online card system?.”  Well this is a great question that I’ve never been asked before. I decided to answer it in my blog today. The first difference is that my online card system has a contact manager that you keep your contacts in infinitely. You not only use the online card system to send Christmas cards but for birthdays or anniversaries throughout the year. This system also prints, puts a stamp on the card and sends it for you. I have bought cards from my wholesale club store a couple of years ago and at that time I was so busy that I wasn’t able to send them out.

For me personally, I dread sitting down and getting stamps, making the excel sheet of names, writing out cards, putting return addresses labels on and mailing them.  I think my time can be spent doing something better like spending time with my family. I still put the same heartfelt messages in them but I don’t have to spend the hours doing it every year.  Don’t get me wrong I would still use the wholesale group photo cards for cards that I might hand out in Church or group settings.

I have family all around the country so I don’t have the luxury of personally delivering each card so my online greeting cards works for those situations. If you have any questions about my online card system please contact me and I’ll  try to answer it in my next blog.