Father’s day is just next week. If you have an incredible dad make sure you tell them that you love and appreciate them. I lost my step dad in 2000 and I think about it all the time what a great father he was. He died unexpectedly so I wasn’t able to say good bye. I was fortunate to have two fathers in my life. As I grew up in an inner city (Detroit) with single mother homes as the majority, many children didn’t have a dad come and visit like my brother and I had. Send them a greeting card, give him a call or visit him. Don’t have time or the money? Send him a greeting card on me. Click here and click #2 to send a free card on me.

P.S. I found this card that I sent my husband. Shh! Don’t tell. : )

┬áThe outside of the cards says “I’m sure, like me, you often feel When all is said and done The job of raising kids today Is not an easy one. I’m glad you’re there beside me To counsel and advise And help me find the answer To their never ending “whys?” I’d be lost without your shoulders So much broader than my own To lean upon when problems Seem too big to solve alone. As long as we’re together We can weather storm and strife And take in stride the ups and downs That go with family life.” The inside says “And someday when our little ones Are old enough to stand Straight and tall without the need Of any helping hand. We won’t recall how hard it was We’ll just be proud and glad We happened to be chosen For the roles of Mom and Dad.”