What is inbound marketing? According to David Scott and  Dharmesh Shah in their book Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (New Rules Social Media Series)is about drawing people to your site (with SEO, free reports, great content) and getting permission to develop a relationship with your customer.

Inbound marketing has been a great book to read. I’m a fanatic for marketing books. It seems like I can never get enough Internet marketing tips. I like the idea of inbound marketing because you’re giving people the opportunity to say “yes” to receiving more information about your ideas or your knowledge. As a consumer you can get tired of the message ads bombarding you trying to get your attention. People want to learn and the more you share your knowledge the more your relationship grows with your customer. 

You might have seen my website change a lot the last couple of months. Well it has been on purpose and I may rearrange it again soon. David and Dharmesh encourages you to change your website to see if it impacts it in a positive way. Positive meaning does it increase your hits or raises your newsletter subscriptions? I’ve made the front of CardShopBlog.com more simpler and instead of three choices I narrowed it down to one. This one choice ($99 plan) is the option that people are interested in the most.

Another point he mentions is getting a website that you can maintain on your own and not call a web designer for. I used to create web sites from raw HTML and image slices in Dreamweaver. Now you have WordPress, Joomla or Weebly that you can setup a website in minutes. You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy.com and have your professional website up in less than a day. I use a variety of all three programs in my professional jobs and personal websites.

My purpose of this article is to share what I’ve been reading and inspire you that it is so easy to set up your own website if you wanted to start a business. This article is one tenth of what is in the book. Come with me on my journey in discovering Internet Marketing for your business.