What is real happiness? In my article “The Journey of Loving Yourself“, I realized that I wasn’t happy with the route that I was on, and I needed a change. When I first sat down with my consultant, she asked what I wanted in life. I answered just like many people do—I wanted a business that would allow me to go on vacations, spend time with my kids, etc.

First, I became aware that I wanted change in my life and that I wasn’t happy. I mentioned in my previous article that I prayed and prayed. I believe that allowed God to start putting people in my life that could help me.

Secondly, I needed to love myself. In order for me to love myself, I had to realize that I am responsible for my actions and stop blaming people.

In order to find real happiness, I needed to keep my mind, body and spirit balanced. What does that mean? Our life is made of three things: our mind (ego part of the mind), physical body and soul (essence or spirit). When any of these are out of sync, our lives are not balanced. This can cause difficulties in our lives. Just like an egg needs the yolk, shell and white to create a baby chicken, we need all three to be happy.


I’ve created an image that will help with understanding where happiness is. Everyone is unique and special in their own way. Your happiness may not look like my happiness. Let’s first define what each one is.

Soul – This your spirit or essence. This is your true self.

Body – This is your earthly body, something you can see, feel and touch.

Mind – The mind is the seat of our feelings, emotions and desires. This is a broad definition of the mind. We will dig a little deeper in later articles.

Mind/Ego – The reason I’m discussing ego is because this is the part of the mind that I had to focus on during my journey. I spent a lot of time studying what the ego was so I could know when it was my ego speaking or my soul.

Since my mind (ego) was causing the most pain or suffering, I focused on that first.

Love is the greatest refreshment in life.  —Pablo Picasso