A couple of weeks ago I received an email from my church’s Facebook page about one of the member’s parents being in the hospital.  The other parent needed some encouragement. When I got the email, I immediately opened up a browser tab and decided to send her a card telling her that I was praying about the situation.

About a week later to my surprise I got a card back from the mother. She expressed how thankful she was that a total stranger would encourage her like that. She said she was making it okay and it will be alright.

Two weeks later I got another email saying that her husband had passed. I felt sad for the mother and it felt like we had a connection through greeting cards even though we never met. Once again I sent her a card but now a condolence card.

Is there anyone that comes to mind that you want to send a card too? Take 10 minutes out of your schedule and uplift someone. Even better send the card on me. Go here to send a card. Skip video and go to # 2.