It’s seems like I’m only posting blogs once a quarter. It seems like lately, I have literally have to make time to write something.  Our family went to Chicago for a couple of days, it was way too short but we were grateful for that time away. Bill and I got to go to New Orleans without the kids courtesy of one of my clients. Last time we went to New Orleans was right after Katrina and there was no one around but now it’s alive and well. We loved walking down to the French Quarter and visit the small shops. One day we would love to take the kids. This morning I was reading online about how the fall of the economy has increased the number of homeless children in the US specifically in Michigan. I said a little prayer for those families that are homeless and have to move place to place.  I moved a lot while I was growing up (at least once every couple of years) so I can relate but I’ve never had to live in a shelter and we always had somewhere to go until we could get our next place. I went to a Bible study last night and we discussed the birth of Jesus. It occurred to me that Jesus was homeless when he was born and travelled and stayed with many friends and family during his life in the ministry. If you know anyone that is in that situation please pray for them to have a safe stable home.  

Christmas time is among us again. I’m so glad that I had all my Christmas card contacts in the SendOutCards database. It only took me about an hour to create the card and half an hour to send it to everyone one. This year’s card was the picture we took when we went to see Thomas the train in the summer. I have to explain what Sheldon is doing; we were wondering why his vest was wet because it wasn’t that hot outside. We didn’t realize that he was putting his vest in his mouth until we saw the pictures. We figured out that we recently took his pacifier away and he was using his vest as a substitute. Go figure.

Just some announcements for the new year. I’m streamlining websites so there will be changes in addresses. If you’re getting the blog from my Facebook page then everything should be the same. Same design for now but the web addresses will change. Next year I plan to be more active in blogging on all of my sites so stay tuned.

Our family wishes you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.