Several weeks ago I was able to spend the whole weekend with 10 teen moms in a camp in Northern Michigan.  It was very scary at first since this was my first time volunteering as “mentor mom” and first time going to a camp ever in my life (city girl). My hope was that I could a plant seed (Mark 4:30-32) in these young mom’s lives to better their life in turn better their children’s life.

Even though I wasn’t a teen mom, I could relate to what these women were going through. I grew up in a single parent household with very few relatives around. When I was born my mom became the outcast of her family because she had a biracial child. Like many teen moms, they become outcasts because people felt what they did was wrong. I get that. I don’t agree with how early in age they got pregnant but I still believe these women need love and teaching.

With my mom, she had a community of people helping her when her own family wouldn’t.  My hope is that we be a community for these women as well so they can learn to be a better mom to their children. The children didn’t ask to be brought into this world but God blessed us with them. (Matt 19:13-15)

How do you think you can pay it forward? Is there a teen mom that you want to be a mentor mom too?