It’s not too early to organize your addresses for your Christmas cards. It’s the beginning of October and in no time at all it will be late November.  It’s going to take a little time contacting people that have moved during the last year.

  • First send an email to the people that you know moved. If they don’t reply in a week or so give them a call. Set up a half an hour a week to call friends and family that has.
  • Organize your contacts throughout the year so it doesn’t become a large job in November.

You will thank me for reminding you come November and all your addresses are updated. You’ll be ready to send those Christmas cards on time. If you use Sendoutcards, you can upload your new contacts very easily.

If you’re interested in me showing you how to use the online greeting card system I use, contact me or try out the system yourself by sending a free greeting card on me.

I’ll be back next week to give you another idea to get those Christmas cards out by November, in the meantime watch this great video to get yourself in the Christmas mood.

Angela Samuels