The picture to the left is a greeting card from SendOutCards. that fit right what I’m been feeling. My family has been in the process of moving (not the actual moving yet) and it has really been CRAZY! You have the house search, try looking at a house with two little ones that want to run everywhere. The ups and downs of emotions when you actually find a place with the whole bidding process. This is the first time my husband and I have moved together into another place so it’s different for both of us to find that common ground and to communicate what we both need.

Did I mention the children, my five year old doesn’t want to move and it’s expected since he has made his friends here. My three year doesn’t care either way.

The paper work for school is just as bad as signing paperwork when you’re buying a house. Seriously, I think it was easier having both my children than signing my children up for school.

But all those things a side, I’m happy about our move since we will be closer to friends and family.

I recently changed the look of the website and I added my Green Phoenix logo. My plans are to devote more time to this blog over the coming months.  My “day” and night job is marketing and I felt convicted that I needed to spend more time on my blog since I do that for others.

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Angela Samuels