I think everyone knows that I love sending cards and Internet marketing. I’m currently reading “Permission Marketing” by Seth Godin. Seth Godin is an internet marketing guru that has coined the term permission marketing. Seth mentions that permission marketing is the opportunity of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. I decided to combine the two things that I love to do (send cards and internet marketing) and apply them to Seth’s definition of permission marketing

  1. Anticipated or Expected – Get in the habit of sending birthday cards and holiday cards to your customers and they will come to expect them. Put in a 10% discount on merchandise as a gift for their birthday.
  2. Personal – Most people don’t mind sharing their birthday (look at Facebook). A greeting card is generally personal especially if it’s a birthday.
  3. Relevant – Something that the prospect is interested in. Most people want more friendships (look at Facebook again)

Digging deeper into my research, I found out that a man named Joe Girard who is the world’s greatest car salesman used greeting cards to keep in touch with his customers. Godin mentions Girard sends about twelve greeting cards a year to his customers. Greeting cards include the customer’s birthday, Girard’s birthday, holidays and other special days. See the story here.

I’m sure that Joe didn’t have an online card system like we have today where he could create a real card online, keep track of all of his customer’s birthdays and where he could get email reminders ten days before their birthday. Plus we don’t even have to mail it because the company does that for us. That’s what you call efficiency.

For under $100 you can sign up for an online system that allows you keep track of customers information and send real greeting cards via USPS. Contact me to set up an appointment so I can go over the system with you.
I’m sure there will be more interesting points as I continue to read Seth’s book. Thanks for reading!

Angela Samuels