I was visiting with my mother and kids to see my mother in-law on a unusual warm Friday afternoon. After the visit we visited our old neighborhood near Connor and Jefferson in Detroit. We visited my mom’s Goddaughter at her house not to far away.  On our way it was sad to see so many abandoned buildings and vacant lots. When we were visiting her, she mentioned that a woman’s body had just been found the day before in back of an elementary school.

It saddens my heart deeply to see one of my childhood neighborhoods go down in ruins. I remember going to a summer program in a Church on the corner of Jefferson and Essex. When we passed on that day it read “Please pray for us.” And I do every time I think about the conditions that I saw on that day.

I ask you that you please say a prayer for Detroit. I was born and raised in Detroit and I want the best for the city. People, who know me, know that I love to serve and one of my dreams is to create an afterschool program in the city.  That dream is one step closer to being a reality. Last month I’ve started the paperwork and put much time in to create a non-profit, the Neighbor Family Learning Center.  The programs in Detroit won’t start until next year. I’ll be taking the rest of this year and the early part of next year to plan and train in Flint at a teen mother program that I want to include at our center.  Please pray for it to be successful and make a huge impact the community in a positive way.

If you would like to help out I’ve created a volunteer form that you can fill out and we will be keeping in touch.  Later this year, we’ll have an email newsletter going out discussing what is going on.

Thanks again for reading and sorry for the sober news but it has been my heart for a while.