Looking for new ideas for your existing business? Many businesses will begin to work towards reaching the finish line of being a successful business.  They will spend the time to organize what services they offer, how they will offer them and with finding the right clients.  Through the process of learning what is needed, there is the need to define the type of success that you want and how you want to achieve it. This year I’ve been doing some changes with my own business. Since this is the first year of having my online card management business, I wanted to test some things out. That is the great advantage about having a small business. You have the flexibility to change things and see if they work.  I don’t expect to see results immediately but a gradual increase in business.

The other day I had an Ah Ha moment. I’ve been reading a lot of marketing books and one book in particular “1001 Ways to Market Your Books” by John Kremer.  In the beginning of this book he says that he wants you to take his words and own them and make them your own.

Take that statement and apply it to your business or a business idea. What type of books do you read that you are passionate about? Can you visualize a business coming from this idea with your own touch? I’m passionate about greeting cards and Internet marketing. This is my niche. What is your businesses niche?

Please share if this article has given you any inspiration. I would love to hear from you.