Mother’s day is only several days away. It seems it came up really fast. I remember when mother’s day would occasionally land on my mom’s birthday. I’m writing this blog right after sending my mom a card through my online greeting card website. Sending greeting cards helps me be grateful for others friendship and to think of other people instead of myself. Even if it takes me five minutes, that five minutes was thinking about that person. For mother’s day I wanted to share a couple of things that I’m grateful about my mother with you.

I’m grateful for you mom because…

– You did everything you could to provide us with food, education, housing and medical care.
– You tried to give us things that your parents never give you. (saying I love you and actually loving us)
– You are not perfect and you never will but I love you anyway.
– Even though it was rough as a single parent you never give up on us.
– You were very strict with me (because I was a girl) and less with Jr. I now understand why because the world can be so cruel.

I love you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

If you haven’t sent a card to your mom yet, do it now and I’ll even pay for it (skip the video and go to number 2).